I have just finished – finally – reading A.S. Byatt’s “Possession”. A recommendation, from a number of years ago, of my friends Marshall Pynkoski and Jeannette Zingg (who I’ve recently mentioned in a post on their Opera Atelier production of “Der Freischutz”).  …If ever I have read a “contemporary” masterpiece, this is it. Byatt’s novel is an astounding work of the imagination: A work of art in which she brilliantly evokes the 19th century poetry of her protagonists, creates a gripping 20th century detective story, and engrosses the reader in a compelling narrative with a sublime love story at it’s centre.

“There are things which happen and leave no discernible trace, are not spoken or written of, though it would be very wrong to say that subsequent events go on indifferently, all the same, as though such things had never been.

Two people met, on a hot May day, and never later mentioned their meeting. This is how it was.”

Antonia Byatt’s 1990 novel, winner of the Man Booker Prize, is a demanding read – but one that I will never forget.