Mr. Lauren at Home…


I ask you: What category would you post this under? …”Design”? “Sartorial”? “Performance“?! … or just plain “Art”? Honestly, this man is the King. What a brilliant room. I’d be very happy if it was mine. Unfortunately, it really is his. …One of many, of course. But that’s one of the things that really strikes me about Ralph Lauren’s personal homes: They always look like he actually lives in them. No doubt, he does. And while, of course, there is a lot of moolah involved in the creation of this deeply considered aesthetic, the sensibility here is more evocative than ostentatious. The scale of this room is not overwhelming and the feeling relaxed and real. Just the kind of place where I could easily see myself spending a lot of time. …Which is, apparently, what everyone else on the planet thinks as well. Thus, the reason why Mr. Lauren is sitting in that room today, and not the rest of us: Whenever anyone buys a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, bottle of cologne or pair of jeans they are really buying the idea of the kind of life so brilliantly evoked in the picture above. It looks pretty good to me.

I would love to know what he’s thinking in this photograph: “… should I take one of the McLaren’s, vintage Ferrari’s or Porsche’s out for a spin this afternoon? Decide which city to open the next flagship in? Fly down to the house in Jamaica, or out to the ranch in Colorado for the weekend? …Or maybe just kick-up my velvet-slipper-clad feet onto the zebra skin and doze for a while.”

…Somehow I doubt Mr. Lauren does much of that.