Joining Broadway’s “Phantom of the Opera”


I’m thrilled to be returning to Broadway in the cast of the legendary Phantom of the Opera – a show that has meant so much to me in my life & career. It’s been thirteen years since the Toronto production closed, in which I played Raoul and covered the Phantom. This time ’round, I’m playing Monsieur Andre, one of the managers of the Paris Opera House in which the show is set. It is a very interesting experience to return to a show that I’ve had so much history with, and to be able to revisit it in a completely new role. It’s been a busy and exciting few weeks of rehearsals at the Majestic Theatre, and I’m grateful to the fantastic team, cast and crew of the show for making me feel so welcome. Very excited to be back in this extraordinary show!


Special thanks to cast member Jeremy Stolle and the team for putting this really great video together…