Hatch Show Print for J&H!


Hatch Show Print’s fantastic poster for “Jekyll and Hyde”

Last week, the Jekyll and Hyde Tour touched down at the Performing Arts Center in Durham, North Carolina. I’ve never been to Durham before, and it’s a great theatre with a great audience. We were given a warm reception there and the show was a hit.

I was completely blown away, though, when, during our orientation in the theatre, our company manager, Ryan, unveiled this amazing poster: Designed especially for J&H’s run in Durham, it was made by the Hatch Show Print shop in Nashville, Tennessee. A few years ago, while on the Poppins tour, I made a road trip in the boxster to Nashville to see the Grand Ole Opry, Robert’s Western World and to generally soak up the atmosphere there – which I had become intrigued by. Walking down busy Broadway I eventually wandered into the Hatch shop – it would be impossible to pass it by, and was completely taken in by the old fashioned feel of the place. And not only that, but by the fact that it was still an operational printing shop, using all the old letterpress methods. I bought a few hand-inked postcards, including a scaled version of their famous “Elvis Presley / Florida Theatre” image. Good souvenirs of a great store. But nothing could top getting our own Jekyll and Hyde poster hand-crafted by the artisans at Hatch Show. Love the red ink, the old-fashioned fonts of the letters, the classic Jekyll image of the Victorian gentleman, and the cartoonish shadow-Hyde looming behind him! One of the definite perks of being on tour. Thank you Hatch Show Print!